Sunday, 23 December 2007


Cars that turn into robots, planes that turn into... erm... robots and other stuff turning into robots (all with the ability to turn back into, like, hairdryers and milk floats and stuff like that): we just watched the Transformers film. Yes - finger on the pulse as always - we decided to wait until it had been out on DVD a few weeks before jumping on the bandwagon. (That bandwagon, by the way, can turn into a great big bloody robot.)

Anyway, we decided to mark this event with some musical variations on that theme.

MP3: Robots In Disguise - 'The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Midfield General remix)'
MP3: The Autobots vs The Prodigy - 'Out of Space'
MP3: Le Tigre - 'Decepticon (DFA remix)'
MP3: Patrick Cowley - 'Megatron Man'
MP3: Cybotron - 'Clear'
MP3: My Robot Friend - 'Dead'

Hope we didn't give too much of the plot away here.

Friday, 21 December 2007


Development has hosted some brilliant parties during its existence. First guest of 2008 is up there with some of the night's finest bookings with Germany's Dixon touching down for some deep house business. A sneak preview of what's in store comes courtesy of his revered mix put together for Resident Advisor. You can download that here.


01. Amp Fiddler - 'Faith (Jazzanova Remix)'
02. Alice Smith - 'Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Remix)'
03. Kelis - '80s Joint'
04. Owusu & Hannibal - 'Lonnie's Secret'
05. Kathy Diamond - 'I Need You'
06. Paul Randolph - 'Believer (Jazzanova Remix)'
07. Demba - 'Louder (Henrik Schwarz Main Mix)'
08. Martin Landsky - 'Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix)'
09. Telepopmusik - 'Love Can Damage Your Health (Ferrer Remix)'
10. Tracey Thorn - 'It's All True (Martin Buttrich Remix)'
11. Matthew Herbert - 'Moving Like A Train (Smith n Hack Remix)'

Thursday, 20 December 2007


We did think that YouTube had some strict guidelines regarding pornography and then we stumbled upon this degrading piece of filth.

Seriously, for a lot of producer-type people, this is under-the-counter hardcore grubbiness of the worst kind. But don't be too worried should it not push your buttons. Chances are you tend to get out that bit more.


Oh, we drew the winner for the Jesse Rose competition earlier today. They and a friend will be experiencing Jesse's set for free at Sankeys this Saturday. And all for knowing that Berlin is in 'Germany'. Well done!

We've already informed the lucky Northernite [we're seriously hoping that 'Northernite' business catches on] so there's always next time for anyone else who wasn't quite so lucky/knowledgeable.

Here's also something for the runners-up while our interview with Mr Rose should be posted in 'Features' at Northernights by 21/12/07.

MP3: Soho Dolls - 'Right Right Again (Jesse Rose remix)'


The last time that Switch - aka the Dubsided and Counterfeet labels' Dave Taylor - was in close proximity to Ninja Tune's Spank Rock, he did awesome things to the single 'Bump'. The best remix of 2006 for many, it's a track that's since endured enough plays throughout 2007 too.

Then, this year, Switch was one of the quality producers found working with 2008's big hope Santogold. Seek out the tracks 'Creator' and 'You'll Find A Way', why dontcha?

In the meantime, Santogold, Spank Rock and Switch have shacked-up for this here 'Shove It'.

MP3: Santogold feat. Spank Rock - 'Shove It (Switch remix)'
MP3: Spank Rock - 'Bump (Switch remix)'

Thursday, 13 December 2007


Okay, okay. So you got Kanye West guesting on what's likely to be your breakthrough single. Yet it's really just something that will work in those nasty nail bars that show up all over the place - yes? What's even weirder about the single (and video) for Kid Sister's 'Pro Nails' is how that Kanye-biased offering gets in the way of the far superior flip 'Switch Board': a searing 150bpm club banger produced by Chicago's DJ Gant Man.

Seriously - watch it until the end and see exactly what I mean.


Festive in as much as it mentions 'santa' at the beginning, this little 25 minute mix also features Justice, Timbaland feat M.I.A., Hot Chip, Dizzee Rascal, M.O.P., Yo Majesty, Bonde Do Role and some other stuff.

No sleigh bells though.

Soz about that.

MP3: Various - 'MiX-Mas'

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


It's competition time again!

Yay (again)!

Now we really like what Jesse Rose does. From the static electricity-meets-schmaltz of his 'You're All Over My Head' to the kind of remixes that sit somewhere between his pals Switch and Claude Vonstroke, this Berlin-based Londoner always excites.

Now he's set to stir up Sankeys dancefloor with some bass-heavy house action. Oh, and next week we'll be posting an interview with the lovely Mr Rose too.

Meantime, you and a friend could be experiencing his set for no pounds. (An amount - according to the current exchange rate - which equates to zero euros.) To win entry for you and a guest to Sankeys on 22/12/07, answer this brain-crushingly difficult question:

In which country would you find the city of Berlin?

Entries should be sent to northernights at gmail dot com before midday 20/12/07.

Meantime, the wonderful Get Weird Turn Pro is currently pointing the way to a sneaky sample of Jesse's remix of Hot Chip's 'Ready For The Floor'. That's to be found here.


We have been known to celebrate the odd DJ here and there. Secretly, we have this suspicion that some of them are less fancy jukeboxes. Plus we've always thought that writing a club record dedicated to 'the second oldest profession'* is a bit of a cheap attempt at getting the bloody thing played.

That said, some of them - like the Disc Jockeys themselves - are very good at making your body almost involuntarily move to the music. Prompting what we call 'dancing'.

(*We reserve the right to be factually incorrect.)

MP3: Tiny Masters of Today - 'Hey Mr DJ (CSS remix)'
MP3: Charlean Dance - 'Mr DJ (Speaker Junk's Tarantual remix)'
MP3: Purple Crush - 'Fuck The DJ (Destroy Disco's Pogo To Rio mix)'
MP3: Indeep - 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Shep Pettibone's Mastermix Sound of New York)'

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Danny Ward is a Manchester-based percussionist once spotted out on tour with the likes of Rae & Christian and Aim. More recently, he's been colluding with Ralph Lawson as part of the 2020 Soundsystem and also unleashes his own eclectic output as Dubble D through Leeds' fine 2020 Vision label. And now? Well - since you ask - he's done this DJ mix titled Backroon Bizness which is currently available for download and features tracks from Moodymann, Switch, Theo Parrish and, naturally, Dubble D.

Right click, save as, enjoy, etc.

MP3: Backroom Bizness Part 1
MP3: Backroom Bizness Part 2

Monday, 3 December 2007


This one being especially essential should you be part of the demographic that enjoys both M.I.A. mash-ups and Strictly Come Dancing forerunners. We now have an image in our head of one of those diagrams. Venn. That's it. Like this.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


Jahcoozi is a trio based in Berlin. Its frontwoman is Sasha Perera - the fierce London-born Sri Lankan vocalist that's previously been heard voicing the odd Modeselektor track. Robot Koch, meanwhile, is the outfit's producer although he also appears to be a DJ with an interesting selection of beats at his disposal. Check the tracklist and MP3 below for proof:

1. anthrax - what doesnt die
2. dabrye - game over (flying lotus rmx)
3. mr. oizo vs. wu tang clan - stunt (flying lotus rmx) / da mystery of chessboxing
4. kool kids - mikey rocks
5. rustie vs cerebral vortex - deep fried (robot koch rmx)
6. plastic little feat. mf doom - more tounge less teeth (nosaj thing rmx)
7. guilty simpson - get bitches, get riches

8. ol dirty bastard - snakes
9. mf doom - my favourite ladies (flako rmx)
10. 1000 names - toyz room combat
11. the tape - interlude
12. ac/dc vs beyonce - ring the alarm/ back in black
13. jahcoozi feat. m.sayyid - high tech (rustie rmx)
14. madvillain - shadows of tomorrow (flying lotus remix)
15. autodrive - hiding from the truth
16. revl9n -walking machine (sebastian rmx)
17. dizzy cutter - lonely
18. spank rock - loose feat. amanda blank
9. zomby - spliff dub (rustie rmx)
20. klaxons - not over (skream rmx)
21. matty g- 5000 watts (loefah rmx)
22. rich boy - throw some d..s (starkey rmx)
23. tampa tony- cant juke with out me
24. robot koch vs wu tang clan - inside / c.r.e.a.m.
25. burial - untrue

: Robot Koch Death Star Disco Tape


Every five years or so Humanoid's 'Stakker Humanoid' - a 1988 British acid house anthem created by one half of Future Sound of London - is dusted off for yet another release. Oh, and it was originally created in Manchester. Y'know - should that kind of thing be of interest.

Anyway the time has come for another batch of versions to bring it bang up to date. Feadz, James Talk, Scan X, Punx Soundcheck and King Roc have all had a bash at it and you can purchase it here.

It last had an airing back in 2001 with a couple of breaks-heavy overhauls. Here's one of those:

MP3: Humanoid - 'Stakker Humanoid (Krafty Kuts remix)' [zSHARE]

Friday, 30 November 2007


Just to say that we drew the winner for the Sebastian Leger competition who will now be taking a guest to Sankeys tomorrow night.

The answer, by the way, was 'Earth'. That said, we were very tempted to award something to the cheeky scamp who claimed that the planet where you would locate Manchester, England was actually 'Uranus' on behalf of it "being a shithole".

MP3: Duran Duran - 'Planet Earth (Night Version)' [zSHARE]

Thursday, 22 November 2007


It's competition time!


So, DJ/producer Sebastien Leger is bringing his electronic house selection to Sankeys 1st December 2007 and we - or rather they - can offer you and one guest the opportunity to dance the night away there for free! We'll even nip down to the post office and brave the inevitable queue to send you a copy of the man's own Planets album too! We love you that much.

To be in with a chance of getting on that guestlist, just answer this worryingly difficult question:

On what planet would you find the city of Manchester, England?

Just email your answer with the subject title 'Planets' to northernights at gmail dot com by midday on Friday 30th November 2007. UK entries only. Obviously.

Oh, and you can read an interview with Sebastien... erm, where did we put it?... ah, yes: here.

Sunday, 18 November 2007


It's the Queen's Diamond Wedding Anniversary. And it is an achievement and everything, yet we can't help thinking that every couple might be able to have such longevity with such resources at their disposal.

Most of us probably wouldn't end up on Jeremy Kyle with a fair few million in the bank helping to alleviate any situation. With a big enough house, we could even cope with sixty years shacked up with our third cousin from Greece. Despite his racist outbursts. And Nazi connections.

Do you think that they still have sex?

MP3: Das Pop - 'Fool For Love (Aeroplane remix)'
MP3: Annie - 'Helpless Fool For Love (Patrick Wolf remix)'

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


It's The Whip and their wondrous new single 'Sister Siam'. Available from all good record shops, a few mediocre ones and also the world wide web for like 79p or something. Now.

Monday, 12 November 2007


Mashups might be deader than Diana and the old Pope combined, but there was a time (b.1999 - d.2004) when they ruled a certain corner of the clubbing roost.

Global practitioners Soulwax may have stolen all the headlines with their swashbuckling pairings of Nirvana and Destiny’s Child (see below) and the like, but, as the various mp3s here show, there were plenty of other producers willing and able to match anything the Flying Dewaele Brothers could come up with.

MP3: Soulwax - Smells Like Teen Booty (zSHARE)
What’s better than listening to two of the best pop singles of all time back to back? Listening to them AT THE SAME TIME, obviously.

MP3: Lionel Vinyl - Hot Skye (zSHARE)
In which Tiga’s sparse cover of Nelly’s ubiquitous ode to clothes removal becomes twice as danceable, by virtue of a glittery new Agoria backing slapped on by Lionel Vinyl. Nasal crooning in the chorus is provided by Jake Shears, who would later go on to etc. etc.

MP3: Dunproofin’ - Simian Tronic Disco (zSHARE)
Witness the perfect pairing of two equally-overblown, hands-in-air type affairs, as Dunproofin’ repeatedly slams SMD’s ‘It’s The Beat’ into Technotronic’s ‘rave staple’ ‘Pump Up The Jam’, like God banging two planets together (NB. your ears might bleed a bit).

MP3: - YAear!!! Mix!! (zSHARE)
Never one for half-measures, two-step pirate Josh Console decides that instead of the conventional two song structure, he would much rather mash up THE WHOLE OF 2004 in just over six minutes. Which is impressive, if a touch undanceable.

Sunday, 11 November 2007


The first in an occasional series ['occasional' in as much as we'll do it now, like, on a whim, and see how we feel about the idea in a week], here are some tracks linked by one particular 'theme'. (See?)

In this case it's 'Paris Hilton'. But before you go running from your computer bellowing like Heather Small escaping from pitchfork-weilding villagers, none of the MP3s below are by the rich but dim porny clothes-horse herself. We heard the cod-reggae one about 'stars' being 'blind' [which might have been about Stevie Wonder] and it sounded like an Ace of Base b-side. We've wisely decided to give Hilton's own material a miss since then.

So instead here's Maurice Fulton's missus with her Mu project where it's somehow appropriate to impersonate a chicken for the bonkers 'Paris Hilton'. Then there's CSS's 'Meeting Paris Hilton' and The Clik Clik with a song called... wait for it... 'Paris Hilton'.

Oh, and we were introduced to teen duo The Clik Clik by the wonderful Hip Young Gunslinger, by the way. Have a listen over at their MySpace too: they have this raw Jamie T thing but, in our opinion, are even better.

MP3: Mu - 'Paris Hilton' (zSHARE)
MP3: CSS - 'Meeting Paris Hilton' (zSHARE)
MP3: The Clik Clik - 'Paris Hilton' (zSHARE)

Saturday, 10 November 2007


Just reminded of this track when it popped up in a new mix that's available for download from the people at Modular. The video probably seemed like a really good idea at the time. But bet this lot ['Krush'] shit themselves when YouTube went and got itself invented.

Thursday, 8 November 2007


Known for his activities as a Slippery Person (ie 'resident') at Naïve Melody, Andro has also been playing some of the key sessions at the likes of The Warehouse Project, Bugged Out and Tribal Sessions. Given how Naïve Melody is coming up to its second birthday and, this week, also has a great party lined up with Michael Mayer, Superpitcher and Hot Chip DJ’s, we thought you'd like to limber-up with this current mix from the man himself.

  1. Supermayer – ‘The Art of Letting Go’
  2. Grauzone – ‘Eisbar’
  3. Fairmont – ‘Bikini Atoll’
  4. Doppereffekt – ‘Sterilization’
  5. Robot for Brains – ‘Space Junk’
  6. UND – ‘Fox in the Box’
  7. Dexter – ‘Raw!’
  8. Yello – ‘Bostich’
  9. Fancyman – ‘Fancyman (Le Orgue Electronique remix)’
  10. Outlander – ‘Vamp’
  11. Abe Duque – ‘Acid’
  12. Throbbing Gristle – ‘Hot on the Heels of Love’
  13. JPLS – ‘Green (Skoozbot remix)’
  14. 2 Lone Swordsmen – ‘The Bunker’
  15. I Robots – ‘Frau’
  16. Modeselektor – ‘Unknown’
  17. Dapayk – ‘Crrrrrrriiissssssspppp’
  18. Zander VT – ‘Dig Your Own Rave’
  19. Phil Kieran – ‘Pinhole of Light’
  20. Redshape – ‘Dog Day’
  21. Efdemin – ‘Bergwein’
  22. LFO – ‘You Have to Understand’

MP3: Andro Elektronik Mix (Sendspace)

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Elton John & Kiki Dee, Queen & David Bowie, The KLF & Tammy Wynette, Run DMC & Aerosmith... um, Westlife & Mariah Carey? Collaborations can be fun, can't they? Ex-Mo' Wax label boss James Lavelle obviously thinks so and he collects his 'Unkle feat.' releases like Panini stickers. The shiniest from his collection would include work with Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft, Ian Brown, Josh Homme, Brian Eno, Slam and Badly Drawn Boy.

A bit back he also worked with Graham Gouldman of seminal local oufit 10cc. Seemingly drafted in to provide the same multi-layered vocal effect as demonstrated on, the classic, 'I'm Not In Love', the resulting 'In A State' was a spacious standout from the Unkle album Never Never Land complete with Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream) on bass. It also received a full release with remixes from the likes of Sasha, Total Science and The DFA.

Only Graham Gouldman's about to take 10cc out on stage again with a Lowry date providing an opportunity to hear his aforementioned ambient outing alongside the likes of 'Dreadlock Holiday'. Similarly Unkle play Academy 1 (although we dare say the big name vocalists heard in the studio work will be elsewhere). The vocal on 'In A State', by the way, comes courtesy of Lavelle's Unkle partner Richard File.

MP3: Unkle - 'In A State'
MP3: 10cc vs Destiny's Child [2 Many DJ's mash-up lifted from As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt 2]

Monday, 5 November 2007


"Two free staples with every copy" being the hilarious and seemingly 'popular' sales pitch from one of the city's Big Issue vendors. Although say you just happened to work in St Anns Square, it somehow lost its sheen when you heard the same thing over and over and over again. Same goes for the guy with the sax and his similarly limited repertoire.

"But what has this got to do with me?" you may be asking yourself. Well just wait one fucking minute as we're getting there. Sheesh.

Locally-based writer Gary Ryan is a friend of Northernights. Northernights is a big fan of Gary Ryan. We'd love it if he only contributed to the Northernights site/blog/massage parlour but that's not going to happen: he consistently argues that he needs to work elsewhere so that he can afford to eat occasionally [Haribo does not grow on trees, he'll sob]. Anyway, we've just spied something he's contributed to the latest Big Issue in the North about some of the exciting talent coming out of Manchester. He namechecks clubs like Tramp, Keys Money Lipstick, Contort Yourself, High Voltage and Clique plus bands like The Whip, The Tigerpicks, The Ting Tings and Daggers. You should buy it. It's available from all good homeless.


Championed by everyone from Ewan Pearson to Agoria, OrtzRoka have been delivering some quality material of late. The single, 'Midnight/Black Magic' is pretty stunning, for example, plus there are also some brilliant remixes for Peter Bjorn & John, Dub Pistols and Robyn that have been doing the rounds.

Anyway, one of our current favourites is the re-jig of Simian Mobile Disco's 'Hustler' which we're streaming below. Meantime, if you're in London 21/11/07, they'll be playing a live set in support of Australia's lovely Midnight Juggernauts and you should also be keeping an ear out for their rework of a collaboration between Luke Vibert and French Moog darling Jean Jacques Perrey.

Sunday, 4 November 2007


Another mix. This one - '24 Records' - is a touch faster and features quite a few vocals that aren't in English. Mainly Portuguese but some German and Swedish in there too. It's also a bit shorter this time so shouldn't take as long to download as the last one.

Oh, and we spoke to DJ Gorky of Bonde Do Role this week and [in English - because we're crap like that] we asked him about his band's lyrics. We'd been told that the title of 'Solta O Frango' translates as "Release The Chickens" and he went on to explain that it's Bonde Do Role's very own 'Hakuna Matata'. Their "problem-free philosophy", if you like.

24 Records

  1. React 2 Rhythm – ‘Intoxication (Guerilla In Dub mix)’
  2. React 2 Rhythm – ‘Intoxication (Dubfield mix)’
  3. Justin Martin – ‘Cicada (Claude VonStroke 17 Year mix)’
  4. Plastic Operator – ‘Why Don’t You (Jesse Rose & Oliver $ remix)’
  5. Skream – ‘Midnight Request Line (Switch remix)’
  6. Radioclit – ‘Divine Gosa’
  7. Bonde Do Role – ‘Gasolina (Crookers Crunk remix)’
  8. The Chemical Brothers – ‘The Salmon Dance (Gtronic remix)’
  9. Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal – ‘Tamborzuda (Bass & Beats mix)’
  10. Hijack – ‘Trouser Jazz’
  11. Edu K – ‘Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers remix)’
  12. Dizzee Rascal – ‘Sirens’
  13. Scarface – ‘Tony’s Back’
  14. Jack Peñate – ‘Second, Minute Or Hour (Aaron La Crate & Debonair Samir remix)’
  15. Bumblebeez – ‘Dr Love (Crookers remix)’
  16. Maskinen – ‘Alla Som Inte Dansar’
  17. Paul Johnson – ‘Get Get Down (Charlie Fanclub remix)’
  18. DJ Znobia – ’13 Horas’
  19. Mavado – ‘Weh Dem A Do (TREW Bmoreish remix)’
  20. Jaymo – ‘Tuned In Live’
  21. DJ Znobia – Tchilo (Diplo remix)’
  22. Nick Deekline – ‘M.A.N.D.Y. vs DJ Assault (bootleg)’
  23. Christian Bruhn – ‘Planet Der Kranken (Sirius Mo remix)’
  24. The Human League vs Kissy Sell Out – ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’

MP3: Various - '24 Records' (zShare)

Wednesday, 31 October 2007


It's Halloween which means that we'll have to endure local scamps doing their 'trick or treat' stuff. Or what's otherwise known as 'begging'.

Anyway, sticking with that theme here's a suitably haunting tune.

MP3: Mooqee - 'Drilla'

Friday, 26 October 2007


Latest from Ed Banger's Art Director So_Me is this: the seven different sleeves to that re-edit of SebastiAn's 'Walkman' that's 'flipped' (it's a record, see) with his mash-up of Rage Against The Machine's 'Killing In The Name Of'. The latter often attributed to Mr Oizo.

Anyway, our friend at the label just emailed this rather reach-for-the-Ritalin animated gif. If you caught So_Me's Justice or Kanye West videos, then it's perhaps to be expected.

Meanwhile SebastiAn has a new EP out in January and also guests at Prostitutes & Policemen 30/11/07.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Known for the odd collaboration/remix with/for Modeselektor/Jahcoozi, we though we had Berlin's Sirius Mo down as a maker of dancehall-influenced digital innovation. But there's a whole other side to this guise's output that takes in live-sounding instrumentation and some lush loveliness along the lines of 'Dunkelrot' and a smooth Ben Mono rework. There's also widescreen glitch-hop available - like 'Entzwei' which actually leans closer to Jackson and His Computer Band. Oh, and - if that isn't enough, you insatiable fool - some tracks with vocalist Dana. But not the Irish songbird. No, these are more like a Teutonic Girls Aloud and the songs have titles like 'Nirgendwo' and 'Liieeebemachn'.

We have NO idea what they're about.

Mind, we're just as nonplussed by 'Sexy No No No' or whatever else Cheryl Tweedy is miming along to this week.

Anyway, there's this other track too. It's called 'Discoding' and it's somewhere between a Ed Banger cut-up thing from, say, SebastiAn and the kind of leftfield Scandinavian disco record that might be issued by Feedelity. We had this really short MP3 of it and thought it was pretty amazing. We tried to find a real-life copy of it but to no avail. We cobbled together a quick re-edit from what little we had. We made it last longer. We slowed it down slightly. We applied a nasty filter. We pasted a crappily compressed version here:

MP3: Sirius Mo - 'Discoding (Northernights hasty re-edit)'

We would still like a proper version.

Monday, 22 October 2007


Friday night was as fun as it was freezing, as we went to see The Ting Tings launch their second single, the dizzyingly fizzy ‘Fruit Machine‘, at Salford‘s fashionable Islington Mill.

Things began with a trip to minimalist (ie. barely furnished) Northern Quarter ‘haunt’ Common for This Is The New, a mix of thrustworthy and very cool indie dance, spun by Ian from the legendary Keys Money Lipstick.

Then it was off to Islington Mill to see the other KML resident Justin Heaton warming up the crowd with yet more impeccably-chosen tunes. Surprisingly, being asked to support the hottest band of 2008 at the launch of their second single does not faze him. “I’m not really nervous”, he says, “I just hope it’s a friendly crowd. God knows what I‘ll play!”

A friendly and quite possibly artistically-inclined audience (as well as a ’club space’ - basically two tables and some fridges from which drinks are served - the Mill also houses over 50 artists studios and two art galleries) awaits and Heaton has no trouble applying some much-needed temperature to the room.

There then follows an incredibly artistic photo call during which The Ting Tings and a few other people gather to deface part of a wall using giant pencil crayons (pictured above). The resulting splurge of etchings and doodles is both visually stimulating and mentally confusing.

Beyond this point our memories of the night become a little blurred, due mainly to making a few too many trips to the fridge, but we do know that further support was provided by Hotpants Romance, who made a shouty but pop-infused racket, and were probably very good, but probably not as good as The Ting Tings probably were. Probably.

As a live venue, or indeed ‘club space’, Islington Mill is an odd one to call. What it lacks in lighting and basic furnishings it makes up in boho charm, filled as it is with a mix of forward-thinking types who love going there for a good time (one person we spoke to said it was his favourite venue in the world).

If you’re impressed by sofas and fancy lamps the place is not for you, but if swigging a few ciders in a place that is a bit like the Roadhouse (only less underground, cramped and full of children) sounds inviting, perhaps you should have a look at the Mill’s upcoming events.

Friday, 19 October 2007


There are many reasons to love Klaxons:

* The fact that their deserved Mercury Music Prize win disgusted Terrahawks-puppet Jo Whiley, who wanted it to go to Amy Winehouse (aka Keith Moon for Grazia readers)

*That James Righton resembles a Nicholas Hoult that it would be morally acceptable to sleep with

*Oh, and their music

French remix-sluts Justice have tampered with album track 'As Above, So Below' making it about 150 % more ‘danceable’. It now sounds like an electro version of the Cagney & Lacey theme tune. Result! Rumours that Digitalism will fight back with a cover of the music from Dempsey & Makepeace are, alas, unfounded.

MP3: Klaxons - 'As Above, So Below (Justice remix)'

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


On Northernights’ 'Club Index', we’ve asked various nights to provide a ‘Five Records’. It’s meant as a way of us avoiding resorting to genre specifics when trying to convey what kind of music is played there. It’s not intended to be a definitive guide – just what records came to mind at one particular moment in time.

Anyway, here’s a mix of 35 Records that, again, isn’t anything like a full assessment of our own music passions. It’s just ‘35 Records’ (albeit with some solely represented by a looped beat, vocal sample or outro). We might have easily found the same number of tracks that you could describe as techno, drum & bass, soul or heavy metal. Okay… maybe not heavy metal. No offence.

  1. Klaxons – ‘Atlantis To Interzone (Yuksek & Brodinski remix)’
  2. The Shoes – ‘America (Brodinski remix)’
  3. Samim – ‘Heater (Vandalism Re-Rub)’
  4. Claude VonStroke – ‘The Whistler (Jesse Rose remix)’
  5. Serge Santiago – ‘R2D2’
  6. Justice – ‘D.A.N.C.E. (Eli & Diplo remix)’
  7. Claude VonStroke – ‘Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Claude VonStroke & Julio Ingles Miami Doodoo bootleg)’
  8. DJ Blaqstarr – ‘Shake It To The Ground (Switch & Santogold remix)’
  9. Voodoo Chilli – ‘Look What You’ve Done To Me (Trevor Loveys remix)’
  10. Jesse Rose – ‘You’re All Over My Head’
  11. Armand Van Helden – ‘Playmate (Jesse Rose remix)’
  12. Justice feat. Uffie – ‘The Party (Luvtek SMBU remix)’
  13. Josh Wink – ‘Higher State of Consciousness (TV Rock & Dirty South remix)’
  14. Nine Inch Nails – ‘Capital G (Switch remix)’
  15. The Black Ghosts – ‘Face (Switch remix)’
  16. Klaxons – ‘Golden Skans (Switch remix)’
  17. Trevor Loveys & Sinden – ‘Organ Grinder’
  18. Roisin Murphy – ‘Overpowered (Herve and Roisin in the Secret Garden mix)’
  19. Herve – ‘See Me’
  20. The Dusty Kid – ‘The Cat (Crookers Eurocrunk mix)’
  21. Bjork – ‘Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco remix)’
  22. Kleerup feat. Robyn – ‘With Every Heartbeat (Hugg & Pepp remix)’
  23. Mr Oizo – ‘Transsexual (Lorn remix)’
  24. Riot In Belgium – ‘La Musique (Sinden remix)’
  25. Simian Mobile Disco – ‘I Believe (Switch remix)’
  26. Chromeo – ‘Bonafied Lovin (Tronik Youth remix)’
  27. Rihanna – ‘Umbrella (VNDLSM remix)’
  28. Snoop Dogg – ‘Make It Clap (Hostage Rave mix)’
  29. The Whip – ‘Muzzle No.1 (Shadow Dancer remix)’
  30. CSS – ‘Let’s Make Love… (Simian Mobile Disco remix)’
  31. Simian Mobile Disco – ‘It’s The Beat (The Teenagers remix)’
  32. Foals – ‘Astronauts And All’
  33. Foals – ‘Hummer’
  34. The Ting Tings – ‘That’s Not My Name’
  35. M.I.A. – ‘Paper Planes’

Monday, 15 October 2007


Speaking of DJs, we doubt you'll be finding Andy Votel troubling Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren for their top ten placings.

In any case, we doubt he cares as he's been too busy following-up his early goth-hop outings and creaking b-movie interests with Songs From Dracula's Dulcimer - a special release which ties in nicely with B-Music's latest residency and is a special free gift for anyone spending £20 in the Finders Keepers online shop.


The latest DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJ poll is unveiled 24/10/07. This time it's broadcast via making the London-based extravaganza (featuring sets from David Guetta, Fedde Le Grand, Danny Howells, Sander van Doorn, James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli, Martin Solveig and more) available worldwide - especially useful given how the votes come in from all over the globe. So if you're on your laptop in Beijing or Stoke, you can still countdown until Tiesto is again confirmed to be the most popular and supposedly 'best' DJ on the planet.


We had a chat with Edinburgh's Hostage ahead of his date at Prostitutes & Policemen this week. He was a lot of fun. Anyway, we thought we'd provide a link to what he's called his 'Thursday Mix' (recorded back in July). We imagine that some people were feeling rough on that particular Friday if this was the soundtrack.

1. L.E.O. - 'How Do You Like It (Hostage remix)'
2. Switch - 'Brick & Lace'
3. Hostage - 'Ruthless'
4. Chromeo - 'Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT remix)'
5. Hostage - 'Mental Dental'
6. Trevor Loveys & Sinden - 'Organ Grinder'
7. The White Stripes - 'Icky Thump (Hostage remix)'
8. South Central - 'Machine'
9. Hostage - 'Sloth'
10. Klaxons - 'Gravity's Rainbow (Kavinsky remix)'
11. Pharoahe Monch - 'Simon Says (Hostage remix)'
12. Proxy - 'Decoy'

MP3: Hostage - 'Thursday Mix'

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Club Kuduro stylee. Catch it at Tramp 31/10/07.
Also, check this:

MP3: Shy Child - 'Noise Won't Stop (Buraka Som Sistema remix)'


Known to one group of Mancunians as ‘Paradise Factory’ and to another as ‘Fac 251’, the building located at number one Charles Street will re-open at the end of January 2008 while under the watchful eye of the team currently found behind The Warehouse Project.

Gaining notoriety as the new headquarters for Factory Records with a costly revamp of the Victorian shell by Hacienda/Dry Bar maverick Ben Kelly, the debt-ridden label handed ownership to the Manto Group’s Peter Dalton and Carol Ainscow - who were estimated at the time to have paid £500,000 (just two thirds of the cost of Kelly’s industrial makeover).

Initially popular with gay/mixed crowds who abandoned venues like The Number One, Paradise Factory played host to key parties with everyone from Tim Lennox to Justin Robertson at the helm. Sometime stints from Bugged Out followed in addition to re-launches with similarly underground projects like Dirty City Disco. Yet anyone who ventured to the club prior to its last closure can tell you how it was looking a tad tired. Numbers dwindled and it wasn’t uncommon to encounter problems with either the air conditioning or the sound system. A shame really: it was always one of those clubs that you could lose yourself in for hours on end – perhaps stumbling on a selection of dubby downtempo in the attic before again braving some hi-octane anthems playing downstairs from its only marginally less heaving balcony.

Maybe its latest incarnation will be its most notable yet.


Well, in the beginning there was jack shit on this blog and Northernights' activities were to be found here

The thing is, without wanting to over-complicate the site [the clean, anti-design look is actually there on purpose], there are a number of other things that we could be doing as we cast our eye over Manchester clubland. Relaying news stories, for example. The odd competition. We might have a cat that we want you to help us name. Maybe some music reviews. Or some cheeky MP3s that we've been allowed to put your way. Or some rubbish that we just thought up in the bath.
Shall we just see what happens? Okay. Let's.

Meantime, here's some links to some interviews currently on the main site:

* Jeff Mills

* Kelis

* Uffie

* Modeselektor

* Carl Cox

* Kissy Sell Out

* Andy C

* Danny Tenaglia

* Claude VonStroke

* Paul Epworth

* XX Teens

* Armand Van Helden

* The Teenagers

* Groove Armada

* Ewan Pearson

* DJ Spinna

* Tronik Youth

* Utah Saints

* Evil Eddie Richards

* Shit Robot

* Daniele Baldelli

* WhoMadeWho

* Duke Dumont

* Elektrons

* Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

* The Tigerpicks

* The Bloody Beetroots

* Skull Juice

* Shadow Dancer

* Miss Odd Kidd

* Charlie Fanclub

* Tom Neville