Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Known for the odd collaboration/remix with/for Modeselektor/Jahcoozi, we though we had Berlin's Sirius Mo down as a maker of dancehall-influenced digital innovation. But there's a whole other side to this guise's output that takes in live-sounding instrumentation and some lush loveliness along the lines of 'Dunkelrot' and a smooth Ben Mono rework. There's also widescreen glitch-hop available - like 'Entzwei' which actually leans closer to Jackson and His Computer Band. Oh, and - if that isn't enough, you insatiable fool - some tracks with vocalist Dana. But not the Irish songbird. No, these are more like a Teutonic Girls Aloud and the songs have titles like 'Nirgendwo' and 'Liieeebemachn'.

We have NO idea what they're about.

Mind, we're just as nonplussed by 'Sexy No No No' or whatever else Cheryl Tweedy is miming along to this week.

Anyway, there's this other track too. It's called 'Discoding' and it's somewhere between a Ed Banger cut-up thing from, say, SebastiAn and the kind of leftfield Scandinavian disco record that might be issued by Feedelity. We had this really short MP3 of it and thought it was pretty amazing. We tried to find a real-life copy of it but to no avail. We cobbled together a quick re-edit from what little we had. We made it last longer. We slowed it down slightly. We applied a nasty filter. We pasted a crappily compressed version here:

MP3: Sirius Mo - 'Discoding (Northernights hasty re-edit)'

We would still like a proper version.

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