Friday, 19 October 2007


There are many reasons to love Klaxons:

* The fact that their deserved Mercury Music Prize win disgusted Terrahawks-puppet Jo Whiley, who wanted it to go to Amy Winehouse (aka Keith Moon for Grazia readers)

*That James Righton resembles a Nicholas Hoult that it would be morally acceptable to sleep with

*Oh, and their music

French remix-sluts Justice have tampered with album track 'As Above, So Below' making it about 150 % more ‘danceable’. It now sounds like an electro version of the Cagney & Lacey theme tune. Result! Rumours that Digitalism will fight back with a cover of the music from Dempsey & Makepeace are, alas, unfounded.

MP3: Klaxons - 'As Above, So Below (Justice remix)'

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