Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Apologies first for the lack of service in recent times. Northernights always operated with the help of just a handful of people who were also juggling other roles. Of late those responsibilities have been taking priority meaning that our little, local and lo-fi clubbing site has taken a back seat. We've also realised that it can't go on in this haphazard way.

Anyway, should you stil be reading this, we thought that we should let you know that we're currently looking for an individual, a group or some other kind of organisation to breathe new life into Northernights. This (award-winning!) project then requires someone with enthusiasm for what goes on in the city to develop what we have started.

We envisage that the right person would possibly be able to find ways to monetise the site [www.northernights.co.uk] but, predominantly, we would anticipate that their interest would stem from the potential to build on an existing passion for what the kind of work that we have been doing. In addition to our Best Arts & Culture accolade as part of the Manchester Blog Awards, we were once also nominated within a Best of Manchester category [before losing out to the great Switchflicker/Club Brenda] and were up for a Record of the Day thing. Our posts also pop up on Hype Machine and we're lucky enough to get all sorts of people emailing us with new music [apologies to them for the lack of posting].

We have a number of options that we're currently looking at but should you know someone who might be interested in taming this beast, do get them to drop us a line at northernights [at] gmail [dot] com.