Sunday, 11 November 2007


The first in an occasional series ['occasional' in as much as we'll do it now, like, on a whim, and see how we feel about the idea in a week], here are some tracks linked by one particular 'theme'. (See?)

In this case it's 'Paris Hilton'. But before you go running from your computer bellowing like Heather Small escaping from pitchfork-weilding villagers, none of the MP3s below are by the rich but dim porny clothes-horse herself. We heard the cod-reggae one about 'stars' being 'blind' [which might have been about Stevie Wonder] and it sounded like an Ace of Base b-side. We've wisely decided to give Hilton's own material a miss since then.

So instead here's Maurice Fulton's missus with her Mu project where it's somehow appropriate to impersonate a chicken for the bonkers 'Paris Hilton'. Then there's CSS's 'Meeting Paris Hilton' and The Clik Clik with a song called... wait for it... 'Paris Hilton'.

Oh, and we were introduced to teen duo The Clik Clik by the wonderful Hip Young Gunslinger, by the way. Have a listen over at their MySpace too: they have this raw Jamie T thing but, in our opinion, are even better.

MP3: Mu - 'Paris Hilton' (zSHARE)
MP3: CSS - 'Meeting Paris Hilton' (zSHARE)
MP3: The Clik Clik - 'Paris Hilton' (zSHARE)


Gareth said...

you just made me dig out Mu and play it at Robot Soap!


Nice one! And there's no excuse for anyone not to own Mu's Afro Finger... album as it's now at a bargain 'campaign price' too.