Monday, 5 November 2007


"Two free staples with every copy" being the hilarious and seemingly 'popular' sales pitch from one of the city's Big Issue vendors. Although say you just happened to work in St Anns Square, it somehow lost its sheen when you heard the same thing over and over and over again. Same goes for the guy with the sax and his similarly limited repertoire.

"But what has this got to do with me?" you may be asking yourself. Well just wait one fucking minute as we're getting there. Sheesh.

Locally-based writer Gary Ryan is a friend of Northernights. Northernights is a big fan of Gary Ryan. We'd love it if he only contributed to the Northernights site/blog/massage parlour but that's not going to happen: he consistently argues that he needs to work elsewhere so that he can afford to eat occasionally [Haribo does not grow on trees, he'll sob]. Anyway, we've just spied something he's contributed to the latest Big Issue in the North about some of the exciting talent coming out of Manchester. He namechecks clubs like Tramp, Keys Money Lipstick, Contort Yourself, High Voltage and Clique plus bands like The Whip, The Tigerpicks, The Ting Tings and Daggers. You should buy it. It's available from all good homeless.


Gareth said...

just added you guys to the Robot Soap blog, take it easy!

Daniel Nolan said...

In the past month, I have been abused by THREE separate Gishew sellers, including yer man in St. Ann's Square ("It was worth a try, you mumble mumble mumble..."), for not buying their rag.

While this makes me less inclined to do so in future, I feel that I will on this occasion because that article sounds good.

And, y'know, for the good of the homeless cause and everything.


I read the piece. Particularly loved the 'old guard' being referred to as "Hac-beens". Splendid stuff.

Penny said...

Bad things come in threes. (1) I was once blind, and (2) told I had five years to live. (3)? Waking at five am to hear '...two free staples Guy' shouting unerneath my window.
If I could have seen my gun, I would have shot him.

Single Mother on the Verge said...

I too love young Ryan. Why don't vendors ever give out change?

I shall add you to my blogroll mr.

Smov x


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