Monday, 12 November 2007


Mashups might be deader than Diana and the old Pope combined, but there was a time (b.1999 - d.2004) when they ruled a certain corner of the clubbing roost.

Global practitioners Soulwax may have stolen all the headlines with their swashbuckling pairings of Nirvana and Destiny’s Child (see below) and the like, but, as the various mp3s here show, there were plenty of other producers willing and able to match anything the Flying Dewaele Brothers could come up with.

MP3: Soulwax - Smells Like Teen Booty (zSHARE)
What’s better than listening to two of the best pop singles of all time back to back? Listening to them AT THE SAME TIME, obviously.

MP3: Lionel Vinyl - Hot Skye (zSHARE)
In which Tiga’s sparse cover of Nelly’s ubiquitous ode to clothes removal becomes twice as danceable, by virtue of a glittery new Agoria backing slapped on by Lionel Vinyl. Nasal crooning in the chorus is provided by Jake Shears, who would later go on to etc. etc.

MP3: Dunproofin’ - Simian Tronic Disco (zSHARE)
Witness the perfect pairing of two equally-overblown, hands-in-air type affairs, as Dunproofin’ repeatedly slams SMD’s ‘It’s The Beat’ into Technotronic’s ‘rave staple’ ‘Pump Up The Jam’, like God banging two planets together (NB. your ears might bleed a bit).

MP3: - YAear!!! Mix!! (zSHARE)
Never one for half-measures, two-step pirate Josh Console decides that instead of the conventional two song structure, he would much rather mash up THE WHOLE OF 2004 in just over six minutes. Which is impressive, if a touch undanceable.

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