Wednesday, 12 December 2007


We have been known to celebrate the odd DJ here and there. Secretly, we have this suspicion that some of them are less fancy jukeboxes. Plus we've always thought that writing a club record dedicated to 'the second oldest profession'* is a bit of a cheap attempt at getting the bloody thing played.

That said, some of them - like the Disc Jockeys themselves - are very good at making your body almost involuntarily move to the music. Prompting what we call 'dancing'.

(*We reserve the right to be factually incorrect.)

MP3: Tiny Masters of Today - 'Hey Mr DJ (CSS remix)'
MP3: Charlean Dance - 'Mr DJ (Speaker Junk's Tarantual remix)'
MP3: Purple Crush - 'Fuck The DJ (Destroy Disco's Pogo To Rio mix)'
MP3: Indeep - 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Shep Pettibone's Mastermix Sound of New York)'

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