Sunday, 23 December 2007


Cars that turn into robots, planes that turn into... erm... robots and other stuff turning into robots (all with the ability to turn back into, like, hairdryers and milk floats and stuff like that): we just watched the Transformers film. Yes - finger on the pulse as always - we decided to wait until it had been out on DVD a few weeks before jumping on the bandwagon. (That bandwagon, by the way, can turn into a great big bloody robot.)

Anyway, we decided to mark this event with some musical variations on that theme.

MP3: Robots In Disguise - 'The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Midfield General remix)'
MP3: The Autobots vs The Prodigy - 'Out of Space'
MP3: Le Tigre - 'Decepticon (DFA remix)'
MP3: Patrick Cowley - 'Megatron Man'
MP3: Cybotron - 'Clear'
MP3: My Robot Friend - 'Dead'

Hope we didn't give too much of the plot away here.

1 comment:

Young Wayne said...

I fucking hate the Decepticons.

Autobots rock. I get sexually aroused by both Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Megatron gives me a flop-on.