Friday, 12 September 2008


"Black Star Disco is a brief history of time and space comprehended through our favoured mediums of Disco / Post Punk / Techno / Cosmic & Krautrock". That's what its promoters say anyway. Plus we should add that it's also a club night that's set to take place at Joshua Brooks on the last Saturday of the month. As a taster for this (a project put together by the team behind Common's Stop Making Sense), there's a downloadable mix. You'll find that here or there.

While you are of course free to make your own mind up about the above soundtrack, here are some additional notes from its helpful creators:

"We have prepared this mix for you. The premise is that it sounds something like the night would if you recorded it then played it back on fast forward (like when TV programmes used to put information in the credits and you'd have to record it and play it back on long play. Like those bits, but if you were watching them on standard speed instead). Our mixing style is influenced mainly by the scientific techniques behind particle acceleration. We identify and isolate the most interesting and least understood photons of weird pop, unearthed disco gems, serrated post-punk, colossal synth epics and sublime techno, pass them over super cooled electromagnets until they reach 99.999991% the speed of light and then smash them in to each other to marvel at the strange and wonderful discoveries we have made towards The Theory of Everything. Either that or cause the end of the world."

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