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Previously known as This Years Model, Silverclub is a collaboration between electronic boffins Marc Ashken, Tommy Walker III and Duncan Edward Jones of DNCN. Despite the name change, they are still known for a brooding brand of computer soul that sometimes features the talents of Lois Winstone as guest vocalist

You should check them out at Night & Day 04/10/08, Cellar Vie 05/10/08, Academy 3 06/10/08 or when they abscond from In The City to play a date alongside Graham Massey at Salford's Un-Convention 07/10/08/

Anyway, we had a chat with Duncan. It must have gone okay as we also got an MP3 of the band's 'Gone' to share with you. You'll find all that immediately under this arrangement of vowels and consonants.

Hello Duncan. Can you describe Silverclub in three words?

Popular Beat Combo.

Why a band? What does it offer you that your solo output doesn't?

Each of us has something different to bring to the table, but our styles do compliment each other well. Also I have been doing my house/techno live shows alone for about the last six years and fancied trying my hand at something more collaborative again. Both Marc Ashken and Tommy Walker III are kind of geniuses in my eyes.

Regarding 'This Years Model', were you attached to the name? Disappointed that you're now working as something else?

We realised fairly early on that we would most likely have to change the name so it was really just a case of finding something we were all comfortable with. We probably went through about 50 potential band names before settling on 'Silverclub' - but only when we had an imminent deadline thrust upon us. In my opinion a band name is something you make your own as you go. I can't imagine most people would have thought 'Oasis' to be a good band name in the first place, but few would question it these days.

Who do you admire musically?

Between the three of us its a very broad range. There are influences from old disco and rock'n'roll through to Bowie, Johnny Cash, Zeppelin; obviously there's the techno and house influences, electro-pop stuff, Italo... the list goes on and on. As I see it, a good tune is a good tune. I'm no purist.

So you've signed the single to the Leftroom label? I assume this is the knock-on effect of Marc's relationship with the label?

Marc and Matt [Tolfrey, Leftroom boss] go back a long way. I met Matt properly through Marc. Although I had played a show on the same bill him at Nottingham's Stealth'a few years before which was kind of infamous. Let's just say he remembered me. It seemed natural to release through Leftroom, Matt was, and is, very enthusiastic about the band and it's great to have someone who allows us creative control and has the right motives for getting involved. Of course, knowing the good working relationship between him and Marc made it the obvious choice.

Is Lois' famous dad something that you want to play down at all? Or is it cool if we happen to mention it?

You can mention it if you also talk about my dad, Tommy's dad and Marc's dad too. They are equally as influential as Ray is to the record. Lois is a good friend of ours and brings her fantastic vocals as a guest to the single and a couple of other tracks. We go back a long way and had always talked about working on some tracks together and this was the perfect opportunity. As far as who her father is it really has no relevance to the band and would cheapen us to try and trade off it. Still... nice bloke.

What are you wanting to get out of those In The City performances?

We'll be looking to win over those we are new to us and give those already onto us what they want to hear. Which has come pretty naturally to us so far. Obviously going into ITC most bands want the same thing: the proverbial holy grail of the big record deal. As we are at the moment . Only for us it seems to be more a case of picking the right one - be it with a major or a good indie. This is a project that we have poured everything into,- pure electronic soul. The attention it's getting doesnt embarrass me. We've f*ckin earned it.

What's next?

Finishing and tidying up some of the recordings: the band has over 20 tracks in the locker despite only forming around six months ago. So we're mercilessly ditching some of them, and deciding on ten or so for the debut album; whomever it ends up being released with. I think a great debut album needs to be a record that makes you want to listen to it again right away - not something where you have had your fill when the needle hits the run out strip. Another thing we are looking forward to is a support slot at the Academy 2 with our friends The Whip in November - that's looking like a great night.

MP3: Silverclub - 'Gone' [Yousendit]

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