Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Things are great at Northernights Towers, thanks. We've just found out that we've been shortlisted in the Best Arts and Culture Blog category for the Manchester Blog Awards 2008. We're really happy about this. Especially as it suggests that some people agree with us that clubs and that whole nocturnal industry can be as much a part of local arts and culture as theatre, visual art and all those other forms of established creative entertainment. And given that this is part of the Manchester Literature Festival is even more amazing.

We actually went to the Blog Awards ceremony last year and we were very happy when, our good friends, RenterGirl and Single Mother both scooped prizes for their work. The past year has gone on to be great for those two. Anyway, as we're up against three particularly strong contenders, it might be wise if we thank a few people now. Should we not win, we shall never speak of this particular episode again.

So, with Northernights very much a group effort, we have to show love to loads of people for their contributions, advice, support and, most often, kind words. Here's a list (it's in no particular order and by no means complete):

Gary Ryan, Dan Nolan, Ian Jones, Sam Swaffield, Dan Gent, Ella Swain, Jamila Scott, Danny McFadden, Jayne and everybody at Fabrikation, Penny Anderson, Tamsin Curry, Helen Duff, James Smith, Ben East, Ruth Allan, Deane Hodgson, Aaron Lavery, Danny at Newcastle's Habit, Emma Unsworth, Paul Flynn, Lianne Steinberg, Maria Roberts, Neil Sowerby, Jonathan Schofield, Kate Feld, Sara Halpern, Peter Ives, Liz Swain, Bekki Lamb, Damien Johnstone, Melissa Cohen, Emma Daffin, Justin Heaton, David Sue, Martyn Anderson, Frankie Ross, Emma Leatherbarrow, Chris Horkan, Damo Jones, Benjamin Perry, Mat Payne, Neemo, Malcolm Duffin, Jon-Paul Waddington, Prostitutes & Policemen, Micron, Sex With Robots, Rich at High Voltage, Steve at Sequence, Paul at Get Weird Turn Pro, Yer Mam, the Last Rites and Electriks communities, Shadow Dancer, Heavyfeet plus anybody else who ever agreed to an interview, sent an MP3 for our aural pleasure, sorted us a +1 (or two), danced and/or read.


Single Mother on the Verge said...

Big love to ya.

Roberts x x x

Mancubist said...

Congratulations! See you there?