Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Looking at our listings, September is shaping us as the now customary 'new clubs' fest. Amongst those is a fresh name - Jupiter Rooms - that actually comes from some fairly established players.

The handiwork of Will Tramp and the ace duo that is Jupiters Heroes, the session is set to fill Joshua Brooks with a pretty sexy selection of electro, techno and disco. And it all kicks off with a live set from the revered Bangkok Impact and some electronic boogie from Naive Melody's Slippery People. But while you're waiting for that debut on 19/09/08, perhaps become accustomed to one of the Jupiter Rooms promo mixes.

Like this one that you'll find

Jupiter Rooms Introduction Mix

1. Chicks On Speed - 'Wordy Rappinghood'
2. Cobra Dukes - 'Airlight (Aeroplane dub)'
3. Roni Griffith - 'Spys'
4. Jesper Dahlback - 'Robot Dance'
5. Party Crashers - 'Cos We Care'
6. Alter Ego - 'Fuckingham Palace (Nerk & Dirk Leyers remix) & Play Paul - 'Kah Pang (accapella)'
7. Frankie - 'Balance'
8. Mike Monday - 'Zum Zum' & Modern Rocketry - 'Stepping Stone (accapella)'
9. Alex Gopher - 'Belmondo'
10. Remote - 'Sinister Boogie'
11. Palermo Disko Machine - 'Pump'
12. Jupiters Heroes - 'Fuck Minimal, Fuck Maximal'
13. Holy Ghost - 'Hold On'

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