Thursday, 25 September 2008


Whether by design or misfortune, your typical Freshers’ Week clubbing experience tends, inevitably, to include those 80s cheese, Back2Skool – and, you get the idea – hotspots. Though for some, one more round of ‘Living On A Prayer’ may more than suffice, others need not be at a loss; not least with the aid of this here site ;-), but also as a result of two local(ish) undergrads, whose techno, minimal, and electronics mission statement – aka, Krucht&Flucht – makes its Manchester debut at the Ruby Lounge this coming Friday, 26th.

Check the listings for further details of guest DJs and the links below for mixes from residents…

Gaz Donning:


Ciaran Hansen:

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i am sam said...

scarily, they're actually doing 90's nights now as this years young'uns were born in 1990.

fuckety fuck fuck