Wednesday, 16 January 2008


If I could have one wish for 2008, it would be for an end to the constant stream of cheap, tired and exploitative soft porn clips that has accompanied every major label dance release since Ministry of Sound decided to replace Benny Bennassi’s original video for ‘Satisfaction’ with one featuring a load of arses and drills.

Quite frankly, nothing signals creative death more loudly than a label bussing in a bunch of glamma modhuls and asking them to wobble seductively in time to a new release, while the director crafts increasingly-pervy close-ups of their tits.

Hurrah, then, for Manu and Fleur, who direct the clip for Sebastien Tellier‘s ‘Sexual Sportswear’. Firm believers of the old saying ‘less is more’, they have come up with a minimalist, but nonetheless impossibly sexy treatment of the track. Low light and lasers instigate the erotic frenzy, and thankfully, there’s not a crotchless tracksuit in sight.

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