Sunday, 27 January 2008


The NME has earmarked Foals as one of its 'ones to watch' bands for 2008. But don't let that put you off.

Charismatic in person and capable of making rather infectious music, we stumbled upon them last year. In fact their 'Hummer' was one of our tracks of the year. Even though it did end up on a Skins trailer and briefly threaten to do a 'Standing in the Way of Control'.

Anyway, they're lined up for a DJ set at the former Paradise Factory this Wednesday which might very well be a bit of fun. That said, they're not actually real foals.

MP3: Foals - 'Astronauts and All (Barringtone remix)' [Yousendit]


Tom OMG said...

Foals are really good!

ella said...

and Antidotes is super-ace, though i miss the singles. good call with Astronauts and All. x