Saturday, 26 January 2008


Calling himself The Count of Monte Cristal (when working with fellow Dubsided and Counterfeet artist Sinden), Josh 'Herve' Harvey is set to return to Manchester next week.

Playing the former Paradise Factory [we still can't get our head around what the venue is really called these days], that upcoming set of his is as decent excuse as any to throw a bit more light on some of his studio output. In fact we'll be sticking an interview we've done with him on the main site next week where he mentions a couple of exciting new projects to add to that myriad of aliases. Meantime, here's a few examples of the kind of material that's made him the music industry's remixer du jour.

MP3: Roisin Murphy - 'Overpowered (Herve & Roisin in the Secret Garden remix)' [Yousendit]
MP3: Estelle - 'Wait A Minute (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal remix)' [Yousendit]
MP3: Voodoo Chilli - 'Turn It Up Jack It' [Yousendit]

(Please note: these files will expire in seven days)

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