Sunday, 13 January 2008


Some people appreciated the last link to the mix by Qlint so I thought I'd post another. This time the records are selected by the lovely Ewan Pearson - someone I've been following since his earliest Maas and World of Apples releases: a bloke who has always been nothing less than a true gent. He now resides in Berlin [doesn't everyone?] and you can find an interview with him here. Other recommended listening includes his recent-ish remix of Supermayer's 'The Art of Letting Go' plus all those other reworks collected on both the Piece Work and Small Change albums.

1. Kate Bush - 'Nocturne'

2. Cliff Martinez - 'First Sleep'
3. Can - 'Don’t Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone'
4. Johann Johannsson - 'Englabörn'
5. Hatchback - 'White Diamond (Prins Thomas Disco Miks Part 1)'
6. Maps - 'To The sky (The Loving Hand remix)'
7. Mugwump - 'Boutade'
8. Vangelis - 'Let It Happen (Beatfanatic mix)'
9. Jim Rivers - 'I Go Deep'
10. Marc Ashken - 'Root Rot (CB Funk’s Rootdown mix)'
11. Brazilian Girls - 'Last Call (Carl Craig mix)'
12. The John Waynes - 'Violeta'
13. Laidback Luke - 'Housetrap'
14. Etienne Jaumet - 'Repeat Again After Me (Âme remix)'
15. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - 'Feuerprobe'
16. Midlake - 'Roscoe (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve re-animation)'

MP3: Various - Ewan Pearson 'And So To Bed' mix

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