Thursday, 24 January 2008


You might know David E. Sugar for releases like 'Oi New York, This is London' (which came out on Hot Chip's GrecoRoman label). Or the follow-up, 'Chelsea Girls'. Maybe you've seen him on the 8-bit "scene" using cracked Gameboys to make his electro-y stuff.

He's pretty much 'the new Calvin Harris'. Harris, in turn, was, of course, 'the new Mylo'. Which makes Sugar 'the new new Mylo'. However, he is not Scottish. And he might not have to endure a couple of hours in the studio with Kylie (if he's lucky, lucky, lucky).

Anyway, he is playing at Contort Yourself though. In February. So there.

MP3: David E. Sugar - 'Oi New York, This is London (Oi, This Doesn't Sound Like Skream mix) [zSHARE]'

Meantime you can find a few more Sugar snacks over at Electrorash.

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