Friday, 11 January 2008


I'm just writing a feature for another publication on Mike Simonetti and his Italians Do It Better label. Anyway, while trawling the old internet, I noted this mix which has already been hosted on Pilooski's blog and is a selection featuring some right hoary old dinosaurs presented in a new light. What you might call 'balearic'. It was put together by Tiedye's Qlint [Tiedye being the Swedish addition to Simonetti's IDIB family].


1. Fabio Frizzi & Giorgio Cascio - 'Zombie Attack'

2. Mythos - 'When the Show Just Begun'
3. Tom Petty - 'Don´t Come Around (Tiedye dub-version)'
4. Paul McCartney - 'Check My Machine'
5. A Mountain of One - 'Ment Goes Nothing'
6. Klaus Schulze - 'Tango-Saty'
7. Brigade Mondaine - 'Generique'
8. Joe Cocker - 'Sweet Little Woman (12" Mix)'
9. SKY - 'Westway'
10. Crosby Stills & Nash - 'Dark Star'
11. Peter Green - 'In the Skyes'
12. Cat Gang - 'Locomotive Breath (Special Rock Version)'
13. It's Immaterial - 'Driving Away From Home'
14. B. B Band - 'All Night Long (Instrumental Version)'

MP3: Various - Qlint Tape Mix

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