Friday, 3 October 2008


Along with the Electric Chair compilation that has had many tongues wagging recently, there is another Manchester related compact disc coming out soon as well.

Moonboots and Balearic Mike - of Aficionado fame - have segued together a collection of records with intense beauty but names few of us have heard of - it's balearic innit. The mix tape, entitled Originals, is being released on the rather demure Claremont 56 imprint - a label that lists artists like Idjut Boys, Smith & Mudd and Blackbelt Anderson in it's discography.

A release party in November is being held in trendy Shoreditch or Dalston or some such place in The Big Smoke with Originals out in shops on the first of December. You may want to stick one in your loved one's Christmas stocking along with a shiny penny and a walnut, and maybe a satsuma if you live in Cheshire or somewhere posh.

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