Saturday, 4 October 2008


Karoshi Bros play an In The City gig at One Central Street 06/10/08. And who would have thought that these previews would have prompted so many references to Pantera?


So how are you?

Busy as fuck, but happy to be.

What are you working on?

Album #1 and remixes: one of which is an official one for Sam Sparro's next single.

What's coming up?

Bigger and better live shows, finishing album due out summer 2009.

Can you give us a brief history of Karoshi Bros?

Met little bro early 80s. Spent teens jamming metal then made beats on Octamed Modtracker on an Amiga. Formed electronica band at uni/made album/realised it was too odd and a bit shit/gave up. Did same again, but it was far less shit. Formed Karoshi, found Pop in Middlesbrough, found Jenny in Penrith. Had a cup of strong tea. Wrote more songs. Went insane. Had a stronger cuppa. Wrote more songs. Played it live and went surprisingly well. Got deal with Manchester based Woodville Records. Released 'Love/Fuck the World'. Surprisingly people liked it. Got played on the radio by Huw Stpehens and Rob Da Bank and played by popular DJ types like Erol Alkan and Pete Tong. Had dinner. Got this email, answered questions, "how would you......"

How would you describe what you do?


So why are you playing at ITC?

Someone asked us to and said it would be a good gig

What do you expect to get out of it?

Free beer and a curry in Rusholme

What else should we know?

The debut single featured on a couple of Channel 4 ads and is on EA games Euro 2008. Also I once got on stage with Pantera and headbanged with Dimebag Darrell.

Karoshi Bros - 'Love The World' video

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