Thursday, 2 October 2008


Next up, as part of our look at what's ahead for this year's ITC, is a little chat we had with Theo: frontman with, local band, Daggers. Him and the rest of the gang will be playing the Popjustice showcase at Bar38 on 07/10/08.

So how are you?

Good. Just working out if it's possible to record a string quartet and a choir in a Longsight demi-squat.

I was speaking via electronic mail to Mr Richard X recently and he said about Daggers: "they're a good bunch: it's nice to meet a band who actually like pop music beyond the usual lip service". Discuss.

Dicky is a hero. He found us writhing around and decided he wanted to help us to heal. Our houses were on fire straight away. It's always refreshing to meet a like mind. So many 'music' people are afraid of pop music, but it's people like Richard who were born to save it. There are not many people who you can have a two hour long conversation with about Alice Deejay and NIN. Plus he's an artist and an absolute genius, it was a pleasure to work with him. We understand each other. We're going back into his little nest soon.

Can you provide a brief history of Daggers: from the formation of Bureau to whatever happened eight minutes ago?

- Argument.
- Fist fight outside nightclub.
- Reconciliation.
- Italo Disco, Muse.
- 'Bureau'.
- Single deal ('After Midnight') with High Voltage after first ever gig.
- Single released before 10th gig played.
- 6 Music sessions, XFM sessions and playlist.
- Tour.
- France.
- Very large Christmas lawsuit threat from old bastards who used to be in Dexy's Midnight Runners.
- Argument(s).
- Stabbing.
- 'Daggers'.
- Single with Fierce Panda ('Money').
- Personally asked to support Gary Numan on his UK tour.
- Randomly meet Richard "Biff" Stannard, the fingers and mind behind Kylie, East 17, Spice Girls. Had more number ones than you've had wanks, etc.
- He falls in love. He is one of our idols. We meet. We make amazing music together.
- Richard X calls. He is one of our idols. We meet. We make amazing music together.
- Other very high profile, yet currently very secret producers call. We make amazing music together.
- We make amazing music of our own.
- We formulate a way to take over the planet.
- We do it.

What are the new tracks like?

Things have come a long, long way. Everything is in it's place. Working with the superhuman hit machines has helped us learn a lot in a very short space of time. To make earth-shattering pop music you have to experience the grim, and in the past few years we have. Imagine a cross between Fleetwood Mac and Nine Inch Nails; Stock, Aitken & Waterman and The Prodigy. If you haven't already wet yourself, you'll be close.

Where's it all going?

It's going where we decided it would go on day one: nowhere. There is no limit to how far pop music can soar. All the free booze and meals they keep giving us will amount to something very big, very soon. Too many rats though.

What's so good about the Popjustice showcase you're doing?

Popjustice are amazing. They are the only people who fully understand the world we are in. Pop music is a 'fuck you' to society and Popjustice's fingers are always up. They've been so supportive of us and we're honoured to be involved. To be honest, if In The City is about the 'future of music' then Popjustice should be the only showcase. Instead they clutter up this beautiful city with indie shit which died about three years ago. But that's no matter.

Who are your peers?

Our peers are anyone who likes Kylie as much as they like Pantera, and isn't cowardly enough to admit it.

Lastly, what else should we know?


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