Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Music is good at the moment, especially American music, like the stuff from this little band School Of Seven Bells. The trio from Brooklyn say they make ambient post-rock, which is probably right actually for once, but they also have a nice pop visage and dark disco sentiments which makes the track below so accepting to a wide range of ears.

Of course they are only playing in some trendy pubs in London during their present mini-tour of the UK, but I'm sure they'll be heading over for a Manchester date soon.

Here's the present they've given us to warm our cockles (How cold is it?), in the shape of an MP3 called Connjur.

MP3: School Of Seven Bells - Connjur

NB: If anybody has a picture of 7 bells, rather than my best effort of 6, please get in touch.

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Paul Capewell said...

Heard these on 6music, been meaning to check them out further, cheers for the reminder.