Thursday, 16 October 2008


As all of you indie club kids know, next week is the DiS sponsored SHRED YR FACE tour, where Los Campesinos! No Age, Times New Viking and a lot of drooling will happen.

It doesn't need over emphasising that this is a Very Exciting Thing. But some news which should send you positively hyperactive is that by answering the following very simple question, you could get your hands on a pair of tickets, a Los Campesinos! t shirt and a copy of Hold On Now, Youngster, to boot.

All together now: Oooooohhhhh!

To win, please tell us the city in which Los Campesinos! formed. Answers on a postcard shaped email to [northernights at gmail dot com] before Sunday. Don't forget to include your address so we can get all the good stuff posted to you. We'll let you know who's won on Monday.

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