Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Little Boots. Regulars would've read about her here, maybe even followed us to her micro-gig at the Pop Justice party (yeah, the one where I coughed beer out of my nose onto some students). Well lucky old Manchester because the best thing to come out of Blackpool since ermmm ... well moving on, the electro hotty is playing a proper gig at the Deaf Institute tomorrow night courtesy of our friends at the wonderfully new Now Wave club.

Joining Little Boots are mongrel ravers Heartbreak, mongrels in that they seem to come from nowhere and everywhere. One of these nowhere places is Chester where one half of the band - and ace producer on his own - Ali Renault spent a lot of his life, so it's kind of local gig for him. They will be doing their much acclaimed italo disco thing in support so this really will be a good night.

Top sight of the gig will be Now Wave co-promoter Wes sporting the best hair in Manchester. I saw him giving out flyers once after a club, it was freezing and he had no socks on. CRAAAAAZY.

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An Apology:

Northernights has realised that the original picture associated with this blog had gone missing for some hours during the afternoon of the 26th November 2008. We realise that many of our fans only look on the blog for crude pictures of humans/animals with bright stripes across their eyes. those that voted us best arts and culture blog 2008 (in manchester... ahem) may feel disillusioned.

In light of this unintentional technical blip, we have put in a new picture - a dog with shoes on representing 'little boots'.