Monday, 3 November 2008


Ever wondered how to say the word 'Love' in a plethora of European languages? Well I've saved you the time of looking them all up by compiling a list, below. It is, of course, essential that we tell each other that we love each other, sometimes you can communicate this most complex of emotions through the medium of disco dancing. Therefore, I've provided a disco dancing song to accompany this expression, and it's one of the best disco dancing songs we've heard at maison NN this year.

обичам (bulgarian) ljubav (croatian) láska (czech) kærlighed (danish) liefhebben (dutch) rakastaa (finnish) aimer (french) liebe (german) αγάπη (greek) amore (italian) kjærlighet (norwegian) miłość (polish) iubire (romanian) ljubezen (slovenian)

MP3: Joakim & The Disco - Love & Romance & A Special Person (Mediafire)