Saturday, 22 November 2008


Last night, Northernights stumbled into The Soup Kitchen to check out the gypsy like goings on at new-ish night Me & You. The promoters have had trouble staying in one venue for any sustained period of time - this might be because they keep being shafted by Manchester's draconian club owners, or maybe they just leave the washing up in the sink and use all the toilet paper and don't replace it. Who knows.

The Soup Kitchen, however, did a marvellous job. It's Berlin-esque minimal decadence works well with Me & You's Berlin-esque minimal digi-dance, we hope they hang around on Spear Street for a little longer.

Brilliantly, upon interrogating the friendly promoter about how all these amazing DJ's are coming over and how they can afford to keep going after the venue changes, I was told that 2008's roster was paid for by doing those human Guinea Pig injection test things you hear about. 2009's line-up is going to be even better apparently (We told him he shouldn't be so big-headed about it, but he told us that it was actually cranial swelling - a side-effect of the last round of jabs).


Doughboy said...

oooookkaaaaaaa, that is pretty gross. wouldn't it be easier to work as an international hitman or work as a foster parent for kittens? there has to be an easier alternative to earn some illgotten sterling than having viruses and cures injected into your noggin.

It's not the way forward.

i am sam said...

look at her face! i love it.

Sam said...

It was testing the effects of morphine. i'd do it again any day. I'd do it now...i need to do it now.....fuck.