Sunday, 9 November 2008


We did an interview with Serge Santiago a bit back so, knowing our interest in the DJ/producer, the people from XLR8R magazine dropped us an email to let us know that he's recently done a mix for them.

They say:

"His love for disco has turned our weekly podcast into an hour long compilation of classic and new club songs featuring Boytronic, Kebekelektrik and Patrick Cowley. Lately he's been playing all over Europe and Australia while keeping a steady DJ residency in Ibiza."

We say:

"Download it here."


i am sam said...

i would say, upon listening to this fab mix, that it would be better catagorised as italo rather than plain old disco. yeah tom moulton and cowley were disco names, but in kabeletrik he was setting the foundations for italo and cowley was the grandaddy of italo (not literally, he was gay for one, and died quiet young for another, so offspring were unlikley)

maybe you should change the picture from travolta to that mad italian in the pool singing 'boys, boys, boys' and you can put the stripe over her peeking nipple if you get the screen shot at the exact right time.

A. Gondolier said...

Did you fail to see the Italian background? And 'Travolta'? What more Italian name do you want? 'Spag Bol'???

And lolz at the nipple censorship.

A. Gondolier, Manchester.

i am sam said...

i bet 10 euros that macfadden just googled image serched travolta and that came up.

fuck it, 11 euros.


Ha ha. I'm actually tring to boycott Google right now.

It came up under 'Italo Disco', by the way. So what's the current exchange rate for my winnings, Sam?

i am sam said...

unfortunately quakers don't gamble, and i'm a quaker, sooooooo see you in small claims court.

(clause 3, para 3g. quaker rule book; "gambling references can be used as an artistic device")