Monday, 23 June 2008


Bad things can happen at weekends. People lose mobile phones and teeth while elsewhere famine prevails and someone reminds you that James Blunt still has a recording career.

However, this weekend was improved when the latest release on Trusme's Prime Numbers label landed in our inbox with what should have been a sizeable thud. The local maverick - a Moodymann for these shores - has assembled three deep tracks for PN03. First up is Linkwood's 'Lost Experiment' - a piece of twitching, dubbed out, Basic Channel-esque technoid business. The flip [technically you needn't 'flip' a zip of MP3s] is reserved for the languid electronic funkiness of Fudge Fingas' 'Dindins4dadda' while Discreet Unit's 'Written In Our Nature' completes the package with a Detroit/disco hybrid punctuated by Martin Luther King samples.

It's out 07/07/08 - on 12" - from all good record shops. But, we imagine, especially those called Piccadilly Records given the appeal of Trusme's earlier recordings.

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