Thursday, 5 June 2008


It seems that some people are still bitching about Eurovision due the fact that a TV talent show loser we sent along with some Sydney Youngblood b-side didn't beat the Timbaland-produced Russian Robbie Williams (who performed alongside an olympic ice-skating whizz and a guy with an expensive violin).

Enough, stupids.

With Euro 2008 imminent, we actually thought it was about time that we showed some international love and recognised our oversees readers. In fact, only a little over 50% of viewers of this blog are British. Currently 14% are from the U.S. while 6.47% are from some place called 'Unknown'. We also get a number of people checking us out in Canada and Australia yet it's France and Germany that seem to be appreciating our fairly useless blend of noise and randomness which may or may not relate to club-esque things in Manchester, England. Other individuals that have been shipwrecked here while 'surfing' the internet seas came from far-off lands like Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Hungary and Bulgaria. Oh, and Japan, Argentina, Singapore, Hong Kong and teeny-weeny Andorra.

Nobody from Russia, mind. We assume that the population is scared by our 'backwards' letters. Or are just too busy with their Russian Robbie Williams to even care about witterings from a country where a rubbish binman is some kind of ambassador for music.

(Yeah, we do track where you're from on a little map. It's nothing sinister. Honest.)

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I AM SAM said...

My favourite foreign insult is 'Monster Futzen' which is German for 'Monster Fanny'.