Saturday, 21 June 2008


Two facts about Manchester;

Firstly, topology - Our grubby metropolis was named after it's "breast-like hill" by the Romans (Mamm is latin for breast innit).

Second fact - more related to this blog - is that Manchester is the birthplace of electronic music. It has been discovered that in 1951 a computer called Ferranti Mark 1 was programmed to bosh out Baa Baa Black Sheep, God Save The Queen and a part of In The Mood.

Following one aborted attempt to record onto acetate, a laughing nerd is heard saying "the machine's obviously not in the mood". Funny bastards back then.

So next time you're listening to Kraftwerk or some seminal Detroit classic, spare a thought for our pioneering Manc predecessors who are no doubt turning in the graves at the thought of another Sinden and Duke Doughnut live set in the city.

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