Thursday, 6 March 2008


We just posted an interview with the locally-based Kevin Gorman (who - as you may know - has been releasing material on DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo label). This all ties in with what he's been doing with his own Mikrowave label and pre-empts his set with DJ Hell at the venue formely known as Paradise Factory this weekend.

As a taster, there's a link to one of Gorman's recent mixes here.


convextion - sulphur vent
carl craig - demented drums
kevin gorman - seveneightnine
jack master - bang the box
joel mull - 6bot dub
andy stott - hostile
shinedoe - peacemaker- deetron remix
marcel dettman - blank scenario
kevin gorman - net28 compilation D2 (live version)
kevin gorman - disekt (live version)
samuel l session - off the chain drums
rino cerrone - untitled
capriati - candysucker
tadeo - net28 compilation A1
taksi - rohrbruck - rachmad remix
rob hood - strobe light
johnny arthur - evil edna - deetron remix
friendly people - net28 compilation F2
selway - solas
teknik - sonar - fabric lig remix
johannes heil - tronic
samuel l session - black fly pt 3
johannes heil - meta
adam beyer - ignition key - speedy j remix
quince - sub01
vera - in to the

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