Monday, 17 March 2008


First Mystery Jets cancelled their DJ date at the next Homoelectric party and now CagedBaby has followed suit. The upside is their replacements: the former makes way for Arctic Monkeys' drummer Matt Helders while CagedBaby - who instead will be supporting Underworld in Buenos Aires that night - has had his spot taken by Mowgli.

The latter one of the new breed of jackin', fidgeting house DJs/producers (and proclaimed elsewhere as 'The New Switch') makes his northern debut. Oh, and there's one of his mixes here.


The Yank – ‘Everybody in here’

Riva Starr – ‘House music’

Mowgli – ‘This is the Remix’

Mr. Elastic – ‘Justice (Mowgli mix)’

Madox – ‘El Magnifico (Mowgli mix)’

Rocca & 5th Suite – ‘Party Bobba (Mowgli mix)’

In the club – ‘Turn You On (Mowgli mix)’

Mowgli – ‘This is the Sound

Benny Benassi – ‘Satisfaction (Mowgli mix)

Mowgli – ‘Club Life’

Chemical Bros – ‘Boot it again (Mowgli mix)’

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