Sunday, 23 March 2008


At In The City in 2006, Midnight Juggernauts played a set at Walkabout. If I remember rightly, nobody really cared. But, after hearing some material that they band had made for Cut Copy's Cutters label, I tracked down (vocalist and synth player) Vincent Juggernaut and he explained that they were actively looking for a UK deal. Had I a label myself, I'd have definitely signed them. But I didn't. (And still don't, as it happens.) I just had this option where I could write about them. So I did that instead.

I half-expected that these Aussies would show up on Modular (alongside countrymen Cut Copy and, sometime Midnight Juggernauts remixers, The Presets) but instead they put out their 'Road To Recovery' single on Paris' Institubes logo. Then - on the same day that I got the new Cut Copy album - the UK promo of Midnight Juggernauts' Dystopia album arrived last week. It was, like, serendipity or whatever. Anyway, impressively, it's coming out on Capitol/EMI and it sounds amazing. Older tracks like 'Shadows' are still brilliant while it kicks off with 'Ending of an Era' - a track that a lot of people across the Blogiverse will know from Justice's ill-fated Fabric mix. So I'm writing about them again. Right here. Just to say that if you'd like the idea of ELO being produced by Alan Braxe or Daft Punk remixing Roxy Music, then maybe you'll want hear them after all. They play Night & Day 27/03/08.

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