Friday, 28 March 2008


You know how Battles are said to be ‘math rock’? Using the American version of ‘maths’ and presumable called that because it’s, like, difficult to work out and stuff? Well how about some ‘math rave’?

Take this so-called mix. [You need to click on the word 'mix' for the link - this is already a bit tricky, isn't it?] Anyway, it’s made up of five records running at 137 beats per minute for 19 minutes and 25 seconds. So here’s one for all you mathletes to exercise your brain:

What would be the average beats for each track?

  1. Buraka Som Sistema feat. M.I.A. – ‘Sound of Kuduro’
  2. Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal feat. Kid Sister – ‘Beeper (Detboi remix)’
  3. Peter, Bjorn & John – ‘Young Folks (Phones remix)’
  4. SMD – ‘Hustler/It’s The Beat (Everything Continues Fidget Hustle mix)’
  5. Kid Cudi – ‘Day N Night (Crookers remix)’

Answer? Well, we’re sorry, Ms Vorderman, but there’s nothing remotely average about any of those beats.

See me.

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