Thursday, 12 February 2009


Last night I went to FACT in Liverpool to hear, author, Simon Reynolds expand on his Hardcore Continuum theory. You can read more about that here or even pick up a copy of the current Big Issue in the North which features an interview I did with him. Anyway, it was pretty good and worked particularly well as Reynolds used key tracks to illustrate his points. For example, he explored the link between Jonny L's 'Hurt You So (Alright)' and the speed garage of Fabulous Baker Boys' 'Oh Boy' and noted how that led to Jonny L's work as one half of True Steppers. (And somehow made Posh Spice believe she was relevant for about a week.)

The last section with Reynolds in conversation with the guy from The Wire magazine lacked a certain spark and it might have been better if they had edited down the chosen tracks so that we didn't get an Amen onslaught for a few minutes before fading it out at the best bit [due to the lecture's time restrictions] but, over all, it was an interesting evening out. And, as Ruth Allan whispered to me, quite possibly the most surreal environment to listen to some chipmunk-vocal rave record ever.

However, you can catch Reynolds at Waterstones on Deansgate today where he's talking about his latest post-punk book.

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