Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Manchester duo Paul and Alan Farrier, AKA Shadow Dancer, are about to release a debut album on Boys Noize Records. Golden Traxe is 13 "convulsive, beat-propelled electro-synth" songs which includes three previously released tracks, 'Poke', 'What Is Natural' and 'Soap'. The duo recently released the latter as a teaser for the full-length, and it's currently being hammered out by the likes of Soulwax and Erol Alkan.


01. Poke
02. Soap
03. Infinite Lies
04. Walker
05. Golden Traxe
06. Landlines
07. Drivetime
08. What is Natural
09. Loader
10. Be Happy
11. Lower Left
12. The Bad Thing
13. This is This

Boys Noize will release Shadow Dancer's Golden Traxe 23/02/09. The pair also play Bugged Out 17/04/09.

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