Friday, 16 January 2009


You may remember that we did an interview with Duncan a.k.a. DNCN a bit back largely concerning his new project Silverclub. That's signed to Leftroom and the line-up also includes Tommy Walker III plus there's often some studio trickery by Marc Ashken. For a while they were called This Years Model. Now they're not. No. Now it's Silverclub. We already told you that. Silly. They play the Friends of Manchester festival 24/01/09. And there's an EP coming soon.

Anyway, Duncan and Tommy have also done a mix. You can download it here.


Darryl Doo and the Don'ts - 'Immigrant Song'
The Arch Nazards - 'Lets Get Physical'
Jobriath - 'World Without End'
D-Train - 'D-Train Theme'
Ploy - 'Sandy Duncan (Tommy Walker 3 remix)'
DNCN - 'Swiss Army Knife (Ashken Tweak)'
Matzo & Pauli - 'Drama'
Revolting Cocks - 'Attack Ships On Fire'
Heartbreak - 'Robot's Got The Feeling'

That is all we have to say on the matter.

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