Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Remember that Best Arts & Culture Blog award that we won? Yeah well, to keep up that facade, we must occasionally post something of civilizing slash learned content. In the above video there are traces of such clever terms like arthouse, animation and france.

It is of course Gallic duet Zombie Zombie, who, whilst puffing the smoke of their Gauloises in your face, will also be flopping out their krautrock disco madness live at the Ruby Lounge on the 26th January. The video is perhaps the best thing we've seen move this year and is both horrifying and laughable at the same time, much like the last NN editorial meeting.

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i am sam said...

can i add that they did a mix for cock-er-ney cool kids allez allez that lives at the address below.

it's alright, bit odd like.