Thursday, 22 January 2009


The students are back in town after spending christmas with Mama and Papa in Berkshire or whatever, and amongst the Ugg wearing plonkers with their polytechnic emblazoned hoodies are our fantastic young guns - The kids who keep Manchester dancing mid-week at some of the most forward thinking nights in the city.

Here's a run down of the current/future hotties.

Monday :

Monday Murkage | 1 Central Street
The ultimate ghetto rave, with a clientelle that look like the contents of the Vice Picture Editor's bin, be prepeared for mad noises that would kill old people and kids with ridiculous gold chains on. They do fidget and slow jamz. Did we just put slow jamz?

Also check; Revolver | Roadhouse (vintage rock n roll)

Tuesdays :

S'il Vous Plait | Night & Day
Yes, this is self promotion, but even if it wasn't mine I would still love it. Expect the most futuristic of synth laden pogo-pop combining cow bells, drum machines, vocoders, keytars, guitar solos and queeny american accents. It's free to get in too, but dress the fuck up.

Also check; Sex With Robots | Roadhouse (bumpy house)

Wednesdays :

Now Wave | Deaf Institute
Although a band and DJ night, this has kind of been all about the bands. They seem to book every hot band from the blogosphere, thus providing a service to Manchester that many don't have the balls to do. The DJ's are ace though and mad dancing often prevails.

Also check; Pull Yourself Together | Common (all sorts of alternative business)

Thursdays :

Stop Making Sense | Common
Manchester must have the quietest Thursdays in the world, there's plenty of good nights but few ravers out to get busy. SMS has been going for a while now, and although unfortunately their weekend offshoot has erm... shot off, the original pub disco remains. Expect slomo disco, bubbling electronic funk and edgy post-punk art school vibes.

Also check; The House That Dub Built | Jabezz Clegg (dub, evidently)

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