Thursday, 22 May 2008


Mancunians will be enjoying the sabbath this weekend with a plethora of wonderful musical events (and Goodgreef) taking place all over the city centre. The jewel in this Sunday's noisy crown however will be the performance of Poni Hoax playing upstairs at Revolution Oxford Road.

If you are not familiar with these equine superstars, Poni Hoax are the Joakim-produced dark disco five piece from Paris signed to too-cool-for-you label Tiger Sushi. Their sound, described as 'horror disco', is truly unique. Macabre italo basslines and harsh strings tango with Nicolas Ker's edgy vocals to create a spectacular mix.

Manchester's coup is seeing the band play in such intimate - if unusual - surroundings, so pick yourself up one of those wacky cocktail jugs, order a burger and chips and let one of the most exciting bands in Europe make you sing and shout until your voice goes a 'little horse' ... sorry.

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