Friday, 2 May 2008


It's time to announce another one of those free Vice parties (Mint Lounge, 30/05/08). And it's possibly this exact point where you can start taking them for granted. Maybe you also want to begin some backlash - preferring instead to go out and spend loads of money on stuff. Because you're fashion. Right?

Or maybe you'd rather just enjoy the fact that someone or something has bothered to get together a few great acts and stick it in a room where drinks are available and others - within your neat little demographic - are just not charged to be a part of THIS! GREAT! THING! Albeit on the understanding that you might buy into some idea regarding a corporation or whatever further down the line. This latest party is sponsored by, clothing label, Fly53 so please do let 'the brand' enter your subconscious while checking out Bumblebeez, Mapei and, our favourite, Buraka Som Sistema. Listen, see, dance, conform, obey and sell what little remains of your youth and its 'culture', etc. But first register here for tickets, you great big corporate whore, you.

This post was brought to you in conjunction with Stupid Fucking Cynic: the sneer you can wear between meals without catching cancer.

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Anonymous said...

and most importantly, hasn't tayo just been confirmed for this?

heard a recent tayo set when i went to fabric last month and he completely killed it. stunning wobble.