Friday, 16 May 2008


If there is one thing Channel 4’s popular property porno taught us - apart from that Kirstie Allsopp is an entirely beautiful and wondrous human being - it is that, in this life, location is everything.

Think about it: you wouldn’t go dancing in a shed full of shit, would you? No, a nice, shit-free locale is a basic prerequisite of a good night (which is why no one ever goes out in Rochdale).

Here at Northernights, we make it our business to tell you about nice places to go and dance in. Which venues rock and which merely shake. We’re good to you like that.


One venue you might not have expected to read about is Urbis, the big glass triangle over the road from oxygen-stealing misery hole the Printworks. We went recently to ‘check out’ their new night, Birds Need Trees, where bands, DJs and artwork literally (NB not literally) collide in the comfortable confines of the urban gallery.

But how does Urbis stack up as a venue for this sort of thing? Let’s have a look:

:: Beautiful ‘futuristic courtyard’ surrounds
:: Friendly atmosphere
:: Pretty lights
:: Excellent DJs
:: They sell Sailor Jerry rum*

:: You’ve got to walk a bit to get to the bar

So that settles it. Pros win. Pros win! Pros win! Urbis rocks.

FYI Birds Need Trees happens again on June 7. There is a Facebook Event for it here, if you’re all down with the kids and ‘Web Twenty’ and all that.

*possibly the nicest-tasting substance known to man.



I like Kirsty when she wears those bastard-massive buttons and threatens to give people Chinese burns.

Anonymous said...

I want to cum on Kirsty's buttons. I bet she's pure filth.

Urbis said...

Thank you. We'll try and get the lovely Kirsty (and the equally lovely Phil) along to a future event.