Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Was anyone in attendance at the last, sponsorship laden Mint Lounge bash?

I'll jog your memories: walking, posturing, DOs, Ipso Facto (they're moody, yeah?), Friendly Fires and the uber-hyped Black Kids each played live sets to a club packed with prettily preened party kids. And whilst it was fun watching everyone desperately doing their best to avoid landing themselves into next month's DONTs, what was better, was that this was laid on for us good Manchester folk for everyone's favourite price: FREE.

So if you're not otherwise engaged come next Thursday (24th) eve, I'd recommend you punch your details into this, the kind people at Vice will send you an email, and you could be dancing your heart away at Sankeys, to (deep breath): Operator Please, Metronomy, Lovvers, Friendly Fires (dj), C90s (dj), Evil Nine (dj), Autokratz (dj), Contort Yourself (dj), The Oldboy (dj)..

See you there.


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