Thursday, 17 September 2009


Curve launches next month with Hyperdub's Cooly G and garage maverick Joy Orbison. As a little teaser, you can now get your grubby little hands all over this this very tasty, genre re-aligning mix by SwingTing's DJ Samrai.


Intro: Round One - I'm your brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix) (Main Street)
1. Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction (Instrumental) (Geffen)
2. Box of Yummies - Whena (Mystery Box) (Nervous Dog)
3. Donald 'O' - Deeper (Zach's Slamin Dub) (Music USA)
4. Pseudo - What are you gonna do (Mental Instrum Dub) (Smack Music Uk)
5. Alexander Hope - Keep Ya Happy (Blaze production) (Smack US)
6. Boiling Point - Expression (Nice and Ripe)
7. Da Mob ft. Jocelyn Brown - Fun (Todd Edwards cut up mix)
8. King Maurice - Time Travel (Present) (Strictly Rhythm)
9. Kode 9 - 2 far gone (Hyperdub)
10. Strickly Dubz - Rush (Strickly Dubz)
11. Son of Scientist - Theory Beats (Main Squeez)
12. Trever T - On Me (Mind, body and soul mix) (Firmhanded Records)
13. E.S. Dubs - Standard Hoodlum Issue (Zed Bias Mix 1)
14. El-B - Assassin (Ghost)
15. Oris Jay ft. Mc E-LL - Brand Nu Flava (Original Mix)
16. Dj Target - Poltergeist (Aim High)
17. L.A.S - V.I.P (Militant Beatz)
18. Mc Donaeo and Mc Versa - Artilla Pt.1 (White)
19. Dj Mondie (Shower) (Mondie)
20. Irv Gotti - Down 4U (D'n'D Conemelt Mix)
21. Dpm ft. Durrty Doogz - Look and Turn (DPM)
22. Ramadanman - Humber (Applepips)
23. 2000F and J.Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is (Hyperdub)

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