Tuesday, 12 May 2009


What you up to on Thursday night? Nothing? Well increase your nothing quota by not going to the opening of Common's new wall-daubing spectacular, A Wave Called Panic, by graphic designer type lad Chris Gray. It's all ticket you see, they might have sent out all the tickets, although maybe not, get on the blag and try your luck because it's going to be LOVE-ER-LY in there.

We're not sure if it's just the mural or a full exhibition, what we do know is that the walls were not finished on Saturday when NN was in there getting drunk in the sun.

After the opening party for this thing it's the super Stop Making Sense shindig, where they have cleverly booked blog-supremos 20JazzFunkGreats. 20JFG is probably the best music blog on that "world wide web" and therefore their DJ skills should be pretty good.

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I AM SAM said...

ooops, the second part of this post, the bit about 20 jazz funk greats, yeah, well it's been cancelled.

you can still get down to see the rezzies do their thing though, and there's still the cool artwork until 2100.

toop toop.