Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Ever since The Ting Tings did that ill-advised "collaboration" with Estelle at The Brits, some of us have been regretting ever having said those three little words: Next, Big, Thing.

But now there's current Next Big Thing Delphic - a Manchester band that came to the attention of resurrected Belgian techno label R&S. And they actually appear quite unlikely to ruin what could be a half-decent performance of 'American Boy'. Check them out. Especially as the current single 'Counterpoint' is produced by the lovely Ewan Pearson [who I Am Sam has just interviewed for an upcoming special on the main site, btw]. Meantime that particular single also comes with remixes by the likes of Paul Woolford and The Chain.


Delphic are also offering the parts of that track as mp3 and wav files so that you can rework it in any way you fancy before uploading it, calling yourself 'flavour of the month' and taking an Ibiza residency or whatever it is those people do these days. Get them here.


Delphic play at Blink 25/04/09.

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