Monday, 1 December 2008


Wow, how cold was it today? Not that cold apparently because I was offered a flyer by one of the Monday Murkage promoters and he had no socks on and he was only wearing espadrilles*.


If I was him I'd be dancing to fend off the frostbite, probably to something like this;

MP3: Foals - Cassius (Tensnake Remix)

*Not only espadrilles you sicko.


hannahpix said...

the accent those Foals {?} have on that track really reminds me of a proper good Melbourne accent. it's the way they say O in 'o-ver'.


hannahpix said...

PS -

by the way Sam, do you know anything about the Melbourne Shuffle? ward off the 'bite.


i am sam said...

i had a melbourne bite once back home in brighton. it involved a peach, and walking like john wayne for a couple of days.

hannahpix said...

mmm.. peachy.

however, it is time to unveil the *real* meaning of Melbourne Shuffle.

{and i apologise for the awful music accompanying}

there you go, i found you one to a half decent song:

check out how much the Dutchies love it ! they are posting all sorts of responses ! hilarious.

what are your thoughts?