Thursday, 17 July 2008


It's expected in the summer months that there won't be a glut of fresh new clubs to poke around in. So it's with eager fingers that NN can introduce something a little different in the shape of new 'minimal' shindig MeAndYou. Any techno oriented nights in Manchester should be lauded, and these kids have a line-up over the next 5 months that would look more at home in Berlin's Berghain or Watergate.

What's even more exciting is the venue, a basement of Oxford Road's grandiose Palace Hotel. With an entrance on the corner of Whitworth Street, one can only presume that the floors are reasonably sound proofed so not to disturb the cabaret upstairs.

Expect some beautifully crafted deep, Detroit flecked house from Augusts guests Pigon, signed to Hamburgs excellent Dial Records. If MeAndYou can be pre-judged on the quality of their programming, graphic design and choice of venue then it's safe to say this will be a pretty good addition to Mancunian club land.

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